Ringo Starr: The Making of a Moptop - 22 August 1962 - 4 April 1963

UPDATE: I shuffled around some entries as I arrived at new theories regarding some of the photos.
- For most of the time I tried to take the portraits from the same photo. In some cases that was not possible or reasonable and I took them from different photos supposedly taken at the same time.
- I usually only represent one photo per day. In a few cases there are several to compare hair-styles that don`t seem to match and might hint at a photo being miss-dated.
- The comments on hair still mostly refer to Ringo for now, even though the page turned out to include all Beatles.
- This is a work in progress and keeps getting updated, so the format is as simple as possible - input is welcome!
- The links for the Day by Day forum are probably all wrong by now as this forum is undergoing a restructuring and I need to add links for a number of the newer photos.

Main sources:
TheBeatleSource: The Savage Young Beatles
Beatles Day By Day
Multiplusbooks 1963 Chronology

Blue indicates new haircut

      Late May 1962 - Mid August 1962 (Savage)
This is at Butlins Holiday Camp.
Have not found this photo on the Day By Day forum yet.

Ringo as he looked before becoming a Beatle.
But the sidies would have to go as he was told by John - or was it the beard has to go but the sidies can stay? (check quotes).
22 August 1962 (Savage 1, Savage 2, Day)
One of the first photos of Ringo as a Beatle.
He joined them on 18 August 1963.
Not only the beard is gone but so is the most of the hair.
And a bit of the sidies indeed stayed.
Did it really need to be so short?
Anyway, a good starting point to grow a moptop - or so one would think ...

25 August 1962 - 3 September 1962
This and the following photo are both dated as last week of August - first week of September (so 25 August - 7 September) on Savage.
I think they come from two different but near in time photo-sessions.
As his hair is rather short I think we can move the cut-off date before the 4 September photos. In fact I think they are closer to the beginning of this timeframe than the end.
Yes it`s really short - rather a cesar-cut than a moptop.
Is this a slight moustache in this one or skin irritation from shaving it off?

I have some doubts regarding this photo - it is amazing enough that his hair would grow back that quick between the 22 August and the 4 September photos. I anything I would place them very near 22 August - possibly even before that.

      25 August 1962 - 3 September 1962
This and the previous photo are both dated as last week of August - first week of September (so 25 August - 7 September) on Savage.
I think they come from two different but near in time photo-sessions.
As his hair is rather short I think we can move the cut-off date before the 4 September photos. In fact I think they are closer to the beginning of this timeframe than the end.
Yes it`s really short - rather a cesar-cut than a moptop.

I have some doubts regarding this photo - it is amazing enough that his hair would grow back that quick between the 22 August and the 4 September photos. I anything I would place them very near 22 August - possibly even before that.
4 September 1962 (Savage 1, Savage 2, Day)
Did his hair grow back that quick?
And it looks almost like two different hairstyles, but said to be taken on the same day (roll over photo to see alternate). Notice how wavy Ringo`s hair looks in the second photo.
That`s not really a moptop on Ringo, rather his hair is swept back on the sides and formed into a Rock`n`Roll quiff on the top.
George has had a haircut and it gives him a somehow Frankenstein`s-Monster-like appearance. Notice his shiner that he received in the Cavern.
before 30 October 1962
Day has this photo as 30 October 1962. No entry in Savage.
"Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand" says this photo was taken by Astrid shortly before entering the plane on their department day ending their pre-final season (so on 14 November 1962) and says that the photo was used on Star Club promo cards for the final season in December.

However Thorsten Knublauch, one of the the authors of this book contacted me to tell me that he now came to the conclusion that this is not a photo from from this date at all as the receipt for the printing of the Star Club promo card that features this photo dates as 30 October 1962 and suggests the photo was already in the files before. Nor is it a Astrid Kirchherr photo, as it is not found among her complete collection, which was due for auction for a while and featured on a website of the auction house.
He thinks this could be Speke Airport, September 1962. However comparing the clothes with the photo that we have as 4 September 1962, Speke airport show that there are differences. in the clothes.

So which airport event could this be? Lewisohn does not mention another flight between the 4 September 1963 date and their departure to Hamburg on 30 October 1963 but there are some more London dates that might have involved flying:
5 September: flying back from London to Liverpool (they had a evening recording session on the 4th and Cavern gig in the evening on the 5th.
George still seems to feature traces of the shiner - so I think this rather earlier than later in the this little timeline.
11 September: flying from Liverpool to London (they had a evening gig in Widnes on the 10th and a recording date at 5 pm on the 11th.
12 September: flying from London to Liverpool (their recording date ended on 6.45 pm on the 11th and they had a evening gig at the Cavern on the 12th.
8 October: flying from Liverpool to London (they had a evening gig at the Cavern on the 7th and a recording date in London in the evening of the 8th.
9 October: flying from London to Liverpool (they had press dates during the day in London and a lunch-time gig in the Cavern on the 10th).
I exclude the 29 and 30 October dates.
Ringo features a rather short fringe and his hair is messed up by the wind - this does not look like a moptop. George`s hair is not too far from his September 4 appearance and his eye still looks a bit dark - the shiner having not healt off yet completly?

    10 September 1962 or later (add links)
John`s and George`s "Jumbo Gibson`s" arrived this day. On the original uncropped photos - that were shot for promo reasons in the shop they bought them from - you can see the guitars already having fingerprints on them as well as featuring belts, so maybe they came back for this shot after already having them in use.
George`s hair looks a lot like in the first Kaye photo session (11 - 17 September 1963) session.
Is George`s left (right to you) eye still a bit darker than the other?
14 September 1962 (Beatlesbooks)
(or Birkenhead 18 August 1962 (Day) but the stage looks indeed like the Tower Ballroom in New Brighton).
No entry in "Savage" for either date.

The hair also suggests the later date, so I put it here.
Doesn`t Ringo`s hair actually look shorter than on 4 September?
11 September 1962 - 17 September 1962 (Savage actually says late September)
The starting date comes via Savage, the cut-off date results in the dating of the second Kaye session as 19. September and Savage saying that that second session took place a couple days later (so at least two).

Ringo`s hair is closer to a short moptop except for that slight parting.
Check out George`s eye - still dark?
19 September 1962 (Day, drawing the dating from Beatles.com and the PPM remaster liner notes)
Savage suggets that it must be either September 19 or 26, probably the later as it also says late September.
Ringo`s hair looks longer and messy but maybe it was the drizzly weather of this day. The parting is still there.
Check out George`s eye - still dark?
  late September 1963 - early October 1962 (Savage) (check link)
Savage bases it`s dating on the fact that a photo from the same session supposedly shows John and Paul composing "I Saw Her Standing There".
Winn (WBC) says Michael McCartney - the photographer - dates the composing-photo as September 1963. He further dates the demo of the song as pre-18.-December (as the Hamburg version is more polished). Besides he names a few possible dates for the recording of the tape (which was unearthed by a jazz musician and the Beatles reportedly played along jazz bands in fall - at least on 23. September, 30 September and 7 October - shouldn`t the dates up 18 December be checked then as well?).

George`s hair looks really full and long here, also in the back. It looks more like on 22 August 1962. By 4 September 1963 he had it cut rather short. It seems he never had it that long/full again until maybe the November Hamburg stay. In one of the photos Paul is seen carrying a drumset out of the house - what for? Did they need to supply one to their replacement drummer? Maybe this is really post-Pete and pre-Ringo, so
before 18 August 1963? However in one of the photos John holds a guitar that looks very much like the Jumbo, if it is indeed, then the photos have to be post 10 September.

On the other hand I wonder why the Beatles didn`t throw "17" at George Martin on the 26 November instead of the inferiour "Tip Of My Tongue" (neither did they on 11 September).
Did it take so long until they were happy with the song? I think this opens up the possibility that this photo was taken
after 26 November 1963.

For now I stay with Chazz` timeframe (though I do not know how he arrived at it). But I`m very close to move it into November.

12 October 1962 (Savage, Day)
Long and wavy hair on Ringo, swept back on the sides it seems. Not a moptop.
George might have haid a haircut.

Is George STILL featuring traces of the shiner he recieved in the Cavern?
27 October 1962 (Savage, Day)
Short moptop in a way, but what there something uneven about your fringe, Ringo!
29 October 1962 (Savage, Day)
Again a very bad photo. And a not very moptoppy Ringo either from what I can tell.
1 November 1962 - 14 November 1962 (Savage)
No entry in Day.
That`s a bit more like it for Ringo.

(add portrait excerpts from KGMDH-book photo of John and George)
  22 September 1962 - 29 November 1962 (Savage)
Not much can be learned from this bad quality photo and the date is pretty vague too. Savage says - due to the location - it must have been taken on one of the following days: Sept. 8, Sept. 22, Oct. 15, Nov. 22 or Nov. 29.
In the uncropped photos you can see John`s guitar is painted black - according to Savage the last photo evidence for the unpainted guitar is 4 September, according to Beatles gear the first photo evidence for his painted guitar is 12 October.
Beatles gear states that the guitar was delievered to John before a lunch-time session at the Cavern, but the wiring was wrong so John returned it right away and went on stage with his Jumbo Gibson. So this at least must have been on or after September 10, when they picked up the Jumbo Gibsons. One would assume that John would not give away his instrument without having a back-up to play the almost daily gigs. So I guess John first got his Jumbo Gibson, then gave away his Rickenbacker - which would make the earliest day without the Rick the September 10. As Beatles gear reports the guitar taking about 3 days to repaint, the earliest day for the return of the Rick would be September 13 (yes, they played the Cavern that day) and John returned it right away, so he still was not using it then. All that sums up to the earliest date for this photo having to be 22 September (and not the 8th as Savage suggests.)
UPDATE: The nearest I got to a confirmed date for the repainting is September 1962. See here.
Looking at the hair again - it looks rather short (or swept back) on the sides and a little longer on the front.
I think it looks a bit shorter than on 19 September, so if he didn`t have a haircut before September 22 I would exclude that date. It also looks shorter than on 12 October. Between the 12th and the 27th he must have had a haircut, as evidenced on the later photo) but his hair on 27 October looks really shorter than this, so again I exclude this date. It would fit in between the haircuts seen on 14 November and 30 November - in fact it seems shorter on the sides than the 14 November one and rather matches the 30 November one - suggesting he would have had a trim inbetween - so my best guess (!) is Nov. 22 or 29.

30 November 1962 (Multi, Day)
The Multiplus entry has this photo on February 25 1963, but that`s probably because of the authgraph coming with this lot batch. The auction text suggests this date for the photo.
No entry in Savage.
4 December 1962 (Savage - which initially had these as Feb. 17 1963. Vice versa Day has photos on this day that are still dated as Feb. 17 1963 by Savage. I`m going by Savage here.)

Yes, that`s Ringo - sorry for the bad quality.
It looks like he is on the way back to a rather different style here.

George`s hair looks really long in the back here.
15 December 1962 (Savage, Day)
Ringo`s hair looks a bit messy here but you may call it a moptop, if you like.
It keeps amazing me a bit how wavy Ringo`s hair is.

Beatles gear states that their vox amps were still having a light color on this date - they were recoverd in black during the Beatles` last stay in Hamburg (they didn`t need their own amps in Hamburg).
    18 December 1962 - 31 December 1962 (Savage says 4. or 5. season, Day probably 5. season). )
As one of the persons on the (uncropped) photo was a member of a band that recorded in the Star Club during New Year`s eve I think it is more likely the second one and thus placed it here.
Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand also says that said band was in Hamburg in December.

Rather long and messy hair.

None of these Hamburg photos (except the next one - and I somehow doubt that date) are dated beside them being said to be probably from the 5. season, so it is not quite possible to establish a sequence of them.
20 December 1962 (Day provides this unusally precise date. Savage has it as coming from one of the last two Hamburg stays but points out a source that says it is from the last one: 18 December 1962 - 31 December 1962).
Ringo`s hair looks very short and not like a moptop at all. Seems Ringo had another haircut here.
Why didn`t he go for the moptop style? Was Brian out of sight?
The stage dress-code is a bit loose on some of these photos - I recall Brian being with them for a couple of days on one or the other of the Hamburg stays (Lewisohn says he was with them in November) and also stories about the dress/stage-code becoming a bit lax once he was off again.

There is another photo that shows a little part of Ringo possibly during this season, but it was too unrevealing even for me to include it here.
18 December 1962 - 31 December 1962 (Savage, Day)
Savage thinks this could be either the 4. or 5. season, Day tends towards the 5.
"Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand" says that no photos of the Beatles on stage for the 4. season are known and that all known photos are dated as December in the sources.

Despite the abysmal quality of this photo it at least seems to show Ringo with as rather short fringe.
18 December 1962 - 31 December 1962 (Savage & Day say probably 5. season)

Ringo`s hair looks longer again.
8 January 1963 (Multi, Day, BeatlesOnDVD)
No entry in Savage.

Another day with too much make-up? Or did somebody mess with the photo?

Ringo`s hair has grown back and the fringe looks almost right but I think he still sweeps back the hair on the sides.
John`s hair looks rather full. George has a strange edge in his fringe - a feature that you will find in some other January photos too.
      10 January 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi)
11 January 1963 - 31 January 1963 (Savage. Day has this as January 11 1963)
Chazz (of Savage) has a update note on it`s January 1963 page for these photos, saying that new information led him to believe that the photos were instead taken in late 1962. The problem that arises with this new date is that the Vox amps are covered black here. According to Beatles Gear they were re-covered in black during the Beatles` December stay in Hamburg and are still seen tan-coloured on December 15.
As I think it is unlikely that the amps were taken to Barratt`s music shop in Manchester (from where they would be sent to Denton for re-covering) and returned for the last Cavern session of 1962 in the evening all in one day (December 16).
So I still stay with Chazz initial date.

Ringo`s hair looks strangly messy - probably due to movemen - and rather long. Can it have grown that long within two days (compare with 8 January)?
12 January 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi)
Not much can be learned from this bad quality photo but the little that can be told from it hairwise matches the timeframe.
    13 January 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi)
Again the Ringo one is of bad quality and shows not really a moptop either.
16 January 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi)
The collarless jacket - or is it just a pullover? - suggests Beatle, the hair only kind of.
Look at George`s fringe - it seems there are some longer hairs on the right (our view) side.
18 January 1963 (Multi)
Wavy hair and beatley fringe for Ringo, but still not quite right on the sides.
Take note of George`s uneven fringe. - some hair on the (to us) right side is longer.
21 January 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi)
Someone took care of Ringo`s fringe here, making it more Beatley for this promo shot.
George features a fringe which is uneven in a unique way now (did he cut it himself?).
21 January 1963 ? (Savage, Day, Multi) (Check link for Savage)
This sole shot of them holding guitars is dated 21 January 1963 by Day and Multi.
It is here to see if it connects this photo-session with the undated one below.
The uncropped photo features what looks like white cubes instead of a stepladder/chair as a photo prop.
Compared to the 21 January photos, Paul`s fringe looks a bit longer here, George`s fringe is not quite as edgy on the right side, Ringo`s hair looks a bit shorter but that might be due to his fringe being combed to look more mop-top-like in the other photo.
So, yes, I think it matches the "stepladder" one (next entry) but on the other hand I`m not sure it matches the other January 21 ones.
before 31 January 1963 (21 January 1963?)
This promo photo (used here, here and here) is so far undated except for a cut-off date (as a different shot from this session - same step-ladder-chair - was published on 31 January 1963: Multi).
auctioned off a an autographed "early pre-Parlophone Beatles promotional card" featuring the alternate photo from this session and says: "It is believed that the photographs were used as the first Beatles fan club promotional photograph. A small number of these have surfaced over the years most of which were signed in Liverpool. The autographs date from early 1963, most likely between January and March."
Hairwise I initially had it placed between 24 and 27 January.
I think it could well be taken on the same day as the "white cubes" shot above, the hair matches mostly - Ringo being the odd one out again a bit. George`s fringe looks even here and John´s hair featues a unobidient strain of hair that also seems to be present on the other photo from January 21.
While I DO think this and the "white cubes" photo match I actually wonder wether the cubes one is dated correctly as 21 January.
Maybe both of these stem from the beginning of the January instead?

22 January 1963 (Day)
This photo of Ringo illustrates nicely how confusing his hair can be. It looks like a little roof here - but once you mouse-over it and see a photo from the same session taken from the front the real lenght/shape of his hair is much less obvious.
George features exactly the same fringe as on 21 January!
24 January 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi)
The fringe looks shorter here, so possibly Ringo had another haircut - not sure though.
George features exactly the same fringe as on 21 January!
27 January 1963 or 30 January 1963 / 31 January 1963
Savage (Day follows this) dates this as 30 or 31 January (as the Beatles actually played the Cavern on these dates) but Multi thinks this is from a rehearsal-only (for the Shapiro tour) afternoon at the Cavern. I`ll tend to follow the later as it seems to have information that the others didn`t.

Rock`n`Roll style again for Ringo and edgy fringe for George.
  5 February 1963 (Day, Multi)
Not much can be said about these, the quality being so bad.
George looks like he features a quiff but maybe that is some optical illusion due to the compression of this photo.
10 February 1963 (Day, Multi)
(or 1962 according to Savage which has "no info at all" about this photo).
Not a moptop, but hairwise it does fit the timeline here.

Savage DOES have two (other) Ringo photos supposedly from this date (same with Day) but the haircut - a short moptop - does not fit into the timeline at all.
These are dated as 5 April 1963 by Multi instead.
2 January 1963 - 22 March 1963
Savage has one photo from the swimming bath session as 1962.
Ringo has considerably long hair, George as well. (mouse-over all but John to see alternate photos)
"The Beatles London" (pg. 60) features the two photos these excerpts were taken from:
"The Swimming pool in the basement of this building (University of London Union) was the site of an unusual Beatles session with London photographer Derek Berwin for Fleetway Publications, which issues such teenage girls' magazines as Valentine and Fabulous. The pool was hired one morning in early 1963, between 9 and 11a.m. The Beatles, who were due at London Airport at 11:30 for a domestic flight, arrived quite late, dressed in leather jackets. They changed quickly into striped summer shirts [...] brought along by "Valerie" of Valentine. [...] Derek Berwin first lined up the Beatles on the diving board. Then John and George suggested a swim, so trunks [...] were produced and three Beatles - Ringo sat on the sidelines because he couldn't swim - played around in the water with the props. At 11a.m. they were rushed to London Airport by Berwin in his Mini. The resulting photographs were published in Valentine on 8 June 1963 and in the booklet Valentine '65 Pop Special (published 1964)."
Early 1963 London dates that might have been followed by flight on the next morning:
2 January 1963 - hairwise possible
12 February 1963 - hairwise likely - the day chose for now.
6 March 1963 - hairwise likely
10 March 1963 - hairwise possible
12 March 1963 - hairwise possible, but probably not: John has a cold
22 March 1963 - hairwise likely

12 February 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi)
Curly, wavy, Rock`n`Roll. Moptop? Nope.
      14 February 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi)
17 February 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi)
Wavey hair, long fringe and not a moptop.
19 February 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi)
Ringo, we need to talk ...
    19 February 1963 ?
Savage groups these (mouse-over to see alternate) with several other Cavern photos on 30 January 1963 / 31 January 1963 but does not give a specific reason for their dating. The white washed wall does not look like a Cavern wall to me.
Day and Multi groups these with the Mold photo of Paul from
24 January 1963, Day because of the "winter coats,scarfs,guitar and white washed wall in the McCartney pic. Seems to feel right" and Multi giving no reason.
None of these dates/reasonings convince me. Maybe all three are wrong.
These two photos seem to concentrate on Ringo´s haircut, one showing what I think is called a elephant`s trunk in 50´s hair-do speak. What was the purpose of these photos? Did Ringo want one last memento of his long hair before having to have another haircut? The hair is remarkibly long and really more Rock`n´Roll than Moptop. I think this fringe is too long to match the photo taken earlier on January 24. It is closer to the length (though not style) of 21 January, so I initially had them placed there.
But by now I think these are likely to be 19 February - compare Ringo`s and George`s clothes and scarf.
20 February 1963 (or 16 February 1963) (Day, Multi)
Day leans towards the 20th, because on that day they had work in London (though in Lewisohn`s chronicle it sounds like there was no time for a photo session), while on the other they played in Oxford.
Hairwise I actually lean towards the later date.
No entry in Savage.
22 February 1963 (Day, Multi)
... Ringo, remember what we said about coporate identity? ...

No entry in Savage.
    25 February 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi)
(add better scan from Chronicle)
      1 March 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi)
5 March 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi)
... yes, it`s about that hair, Ringo ...
8 March 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi)
That`s, uh, a bit better. So a moptop it will be from now on, right?
Actually it looks like everybody was sent to the barber here, not only Ringo.
before 25 March 1963
This undated promo-photo for Vox on Day, featuring Paul`s new bass amp initiated my research and I still don`t have a proper date for it. Let`s see what others say about it:
Beatles gear: "
After the Roe-Montez tour, the group decided to upgrade their bass amplification", "He recieved his new bass amp toward the end of March or the beginning of April" and Pictures taken ... on April 4 ... show ... the new Vox T-60 bass amp."
Savage: (probably utilizing the info from Beatles Gear): "Paul received his new T-60 bass amp
around late March 1963. The photo must date shortly thereafter because by, at least, 4 April 1963, Ringo finally had a real Beatle haircut. In this photo, he still has his old style."
I find some problems with both:
Ringo`s hair indeed looks pre-moptop. He will get a haircut on 25 March (roll mouse over Ringo to get a photo right before that fateful haircut and compare!), So the photo was taken before that.
Plus final night of the tour was March 30, however photos supposedly taken at the Liverpool Empire on 24 March already feature the new amp, so Paul has received the amp at least a couple of days earlier than Beatles Gear states.
(I could not find a relevant cut-off date for the last time the bass amp before this amp - Quad amp with "coffin"-speaker - was seen. On February 19 there seems to be some big upright box on the stage: the "coffin"? On March 5 Paul uses EMI equipment for this studio date.)
Where would Vox likely deliver it`s goods if not to the Beatles "base": Liverpool? So did Paul actually use the amp for the first time right on that day,
24 March? Maybe the photo was taken then and there? The curtains are similar, the stage set-up is not (but they would have changed that for the actual show).
However John`s fringe looks very short here - he will have a haircut on the 25th as well, ending up with longer hair than this actually, making the the 24 March date unlikely again. So maybe we should dismiss "Gear" completly and rethink .... John looks like he had a haircut on or before 8 March, they went on this tour on 9 March - maybe Paul got his new amp (and Vox it`s new promo photo) right before that tour instead of near it`s end?
I`m still not happy with this new date because John`s hair almost looks too short to fit here.

9 March 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi)
Savage says this could have been taken anytime during the 9.-31. March tour, Day and Multi agree on the 9th.
Not a moptop.
16 March 1963 (Multi)
Not a moptop.

No entry in Day or Savage.
Look at John`s hair at the parting - seems like the hair glue he is using on it gives in.
ca. 21 March 1963 (Piet Schreuders photo-stream)
Ringo features rather a Rock`n`Roll hairstyle. Hairwise I think it this one must predate the other "too-much-make-up" photos set if these two are related at all.
Savage collects what I think are actually photos from at least two if not three dates on one page (amongst them photos from the same session these portraits come from) - the common element being the Beatles wearing too much make-up. They are all dated as Autumn 1962, the title of the page is "Late 1962 - Strange make-up period" - I can think of at least two more occassions that would fit into such a period: January 8 1963 and April 18 1963 (Multi)). No photo from this session is found on Day.
Chazz` autumn dating might result in the captioning of two photos from this session in a 1964 issue of 16 Magazine. There it says "One of the boys' first interviews after "Love Me Do" became a hit was with Dawn Adams of Mirabelle."
"Love Me Do" entered the UK single charts Top 50 on 11 October 1962, arrived at it`s highest position (#17 after some ups and downs) on 27 December 1962, was joined by Please Please Me on 17 January 1963, was overtaken by it on 24 January 1963 and fell out of the Top 50 soon after. So if you like you can say that Love Me Do become a "hit" in autumn.
Neither could Chazz find a reference to this interview, nor could wizz or me find anything on Dawn Adams via online searching. However I found a Dawn James contributing text to a Beatles Around The World Pop Pics Super Magazine 1964. This is the elder sister of a pop singer named Lynn “Twinkle” Ripley, in the link she is described as "a leading pop journalist for magazines like Mirabelle, Rave and 19 Magazine", she also seems to have written for NME. I found no other Beatles connection though.
Mirabelle ran "John's Life Story" on 12 October 1963. More about this in a second.
According to Piet Schreuders on 30 November 1963 Mirabelle published another photo from this session on page 3 - the one these photos here were extracted from.
"John`s Life Story"
was repeated along John`s horoscope in a magazine called "Pop Pics Super: Beatle John Lennon". This magazine is undated but also tells us about "Beatle plans for 1964", so it was probably published in late 1963. Yet another photo from this session appeares in the same magazine (in the Horoscope part).
So a Dawn Adams writes for Mirabelle, a Dawn James writes for the same magazine and what appears to be an offshot from this magazine "Pop Pics", photos taken with earlier Dawn Adams / during the same session appear in both magazines. To me that is more than a conincidence and possibly Dawn simply married (and changed her name) or they got their name wrong in the 16 Magazine.
Finally Piet Schreuders also offers a rather precise date for the photo seen here here: "photo taken circa March 21, 1963". This is the date I go by here, rather than the autumn on Savage. Mouse over Ringo to see alternate photo from this session.

24 March 1963 (Day, Multi, Savage) (Check links)

On stage that evening. Yes, for I change I think these are authentic (= taken that day).
So what do you think - do these go together with those two previous entries? I think John`s and Paul`s hair is shorter.

What might be greater importance however is that we finally found another photo of Nessie (photo #4) - if that isn`t evidence enough for you I don`t know what is.
    25 March 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi)
Photo taken in front of Cavern, supposedly the first station of this "free day" (which we will explore in detail) that was actually a photo session day with several locations.
Roll over Ringo so see alternate. Rather long fringe but not a moptop.
In fact I again wonder if these photos were really taken that day - but maybe I´m becoming a bit too suspicious-minded now.
25 March 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi)
Photo taken in the Cavern.
Looks shorter here for George and Ringo, right?
25 March 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi)
Photo taken at the hairdresser.
I think all of these are "before"-photos (including Paul, it`s John faking to cut his hair for a laugh) - roll over Ringo to see alternate.
25 March 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi)
Photo taken at the hairdresser. These are "during/after" photos.
I think the most visible changes concern George and Ringo.
Ringo finally gets (what will become his) true moptop!
25 March 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi) Check links
The aftermath - Paul actually looks like he lost the least hair.
Ringo`s hair is really short.

What this little research shows so far is that while Ringo was happy (?) to get rid of his Hurricanes-look when entering the Beatles he did not adopt a moptop right away (and to be fair, the rest of the Beatles - except for Paul - did not excactly feature moptops either for quite a while). Despite several chances (I count at least 5 haircuts), Ringo always ended up wearing a somehow different, more Rock`n`Roll-like hairstyle than his band-mates. It took 7 months until that last haircut marked the end of this hairwise experimental phase.
25 March 1963 - before 22 June 1963
Savage collects what I think are actually photos from at least two if not three dates on this page - the common element being the Beatles wearing too much make-up. They are all dated as Autumn 1962, the title of the page is "Late 1962 - Strange make-up period" - I can think of at least two more occassions that would fit into such a period: January 8 1963 and April 18 1963 (Multi))
Hairwise I think it this one must post-date the other "too-much-make-up" photo set if these two are related at all.
None of these sets found on Day.
This DOES look like a (short) moptop on Ringo.
I created a research page for the these photos here: The Valex photos
For now my best guess is that the photos have been taken after 25 March 1963 (because of Ringo sporting a short moptop) and quite a while before 22 June 1963 (because the Beatles autographed a postcard featuring photos from this session on that day).
John`s hair looks too short here though.
28 March 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi) Check links
So this one is actually already out of the range of this page, but let`s go on for a little while.
25 March 1963 - 30 March 1963 ? (Savage, Day, Multi)
Savage and Multi go by the date (or rather location - Liverpool - once named on the Tommy-Roe-Website - implying the date) of 24 March, it is still on March 9 (as the starting date for the tour) on Day.
In fact the photo everybody refers to here is a different one from the same session. I found this better quality alternate photo on Tommy Roe`s website (the other one being gone). No info on it this time.
Ringo wears a Moptop with a rather short fringe, so this should have been after the haircut on
25 March.
So if this was in indeed in Liverpool it should - hairwise - have been on the next day,
March 25 - the day off from tour that was spent in Liverpool by at least the Beatles and so why not also Roe/Montez (who feature on both of the original uncropped photos)?
Or Roe misrememberd and this was not in Liverpool - in that case it has to come from one of the last tour-dates (
27 - 30 March). Maybe it was a wrap-up photo for the tour - going by that possiblity (and considering that Ringo`s hair looks a bit longer than on 25 March) I place it here.
04 April 1963 (Savage, Day, Multi) Check links

Ken Wood
- further vague guesses, thoughts, corrections and informations are welcome -

Here are some that might come from the timeframe covered on this page - no Ringo in there though and I have a hard time dating them, so I collected them here for the sake of completeness:

I always imagined this to be John`s first moptop photo, having just made the transition.
This looks like a photo-booth photo to me.

All the photos from this session feature George`s car and it looks very shiny.
So maybe having a new car was the reason to shoot these photos? When did he get it?
George`s hair looks really full and John (maybe due to the bad quality of the photo / compression) looks like he actually features rather a quiff than a moptop. There is a quote in the Anthology book that unfortunatly does not reveal what time it refers to but it appears at the end of 1962, relating to the appearance changes - like suits - that came with Brian Epstein:
JOHN: It was a constant fight between Brian and Paul on one side and me and George on the other (1970). Brian and Paul used to always be at me to cut my hair (1969). At that time it was longer than in any of the photographs - it was generally trimmed for the photographs, but there were some private pictures that show it was pretty long, greased back, hanging around. [...] We were pretty greasy (1975).

The car in question (as seen in the uncropped versions of the photos) was a Ford Anglia 105E - introduced in 1959 - as far as I can tell (see here).
This was George`s first car according to Mike McCartney. George confirms this.

This page has more info: George passed his driving test at 17 (so between Feb. 61 and Feb 62).

Paddy Delaney also recalls the car: "George Harrison got a second hand Ford Anglia under Brian Epstein" (so George bought it after 10. Dezember 1961).

When George got his car, Ringo drove him to pick it up (source), so they were friends already by then, possibly Ringo was even in the band already.

A funny letter refering to his car that George wrote to a fan can be seen here and the auction lot description says it was written during the 5th Hamburg season, December 1962.

So what can we gather from this? George got the car after 10 December 1961 and had it by 18 December 1962. Ringo drove him to pick it up - if we assume he was in the Beatles then already that would put the date past 18 August 1962. And if we further assume that this photo was taken to showcase George`s first car then this photo would date between 18 August 1962 and 18 December 1962.

One photo from this session was used in a undated car ad for the Hawthorne Engineering Company in Warrington.

Brian Epstein also had a Ford Anglia - read this.
George gave his dad a Ford Anglia as well - read this.

Short uneven fringe for George - not unlike January 1963.
    1962 - early 1963
      24 January 1963 ?
Looks like it was taken in some cellar but I cannot identify this as the Cavern.

Re-dated & filed away for future extentions of the timeline:

26 May 1963? (Day, Multi, Savage) (Check links)
This photo is dated 24 March on all my main three sources.
Early on I had doubts about this date. Ringo`s hair just looks too long and perfect here to me to fit that date. Paul and George also look well groomed.
The Meet the Beatles For Real blog has a story (again repeating the 24 March date) regarding the knitted heart seen in the uncropped photo - some fans gave them the heart and got an autograph in return with Paul signing in reference to the song "Thank you girl(s)". While "Thank You Girl" was already recorded then it only was released on 11 April.
The Beatles played this venue again on 26 May - by then the song has been released as the B-Side to their then current #1-hit.
So I think this photo could be from 26 May 1963 instead.
  26 May 1963? (Day, Multi) again say these come from 24 March.
Savage features some photos from this day but not these.
Moptop again. I think George`s and Paul`s hair looks a lot like in the previous entry as well. Move mouse over Ringo to see alternate photo from the same occasion.

Two things to take note of in the uncropped photo: Michael McCartney is seen taking a photo in one (so the location of Liverpool is likely) and Paul eats a cake that has some writing on it ("#1") which could refer to a recent chart sucess.
Possibly "From Me To You / Thank You Girl" (see above)?
So I think this photo could be from 26 May 1963 instead.